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Your Wedding. Your Big Day. Definitely one of the most memorable days in your entire life. It’s a long day yet it goes by so fast. So much happens between the start of your day and the end of it, and you don’t even get to see everything that goes on. You won’t see your partner finally putting on what took so long to decide on for your wedding. Your partner won’t see you toasting one last time before heading out to your ceremony. There are so many moments that need to be captured so you can relive the story of your Wedding Day forever.

Who are you going to trust to capture these moments? Will you trust your cousin’s girlfriend, who has “a really nice camera”, to photograph your first dance in a darkened room? Are you sure that guy charging $200 is capable and experienced enough to capture the story of your day? And do you really want to sort through the thousand images he gives you at the end of your night, including all the blinks, out of focus, and poorly exposed ones, to hopefully get a few hundred good ones? We put everything we have into every image we capture, and each one that we deliver to you is individually edited and optimized so that you can relive every emotion of the day.

A large part of our photography is done in a candid, photojournalistic style. We want to capture your day in a natural way as it unfolds. If you don’t notice us photographing you then we’re doing well. Having said that, there’s occasionally a good possibility that we’ll see if you’re up for a bit of more formal (but fun!) portraiture when a really nice, artistic scene presents itself. We really want to work with you to create some of those “WOW” shots that you’ll want to get printed and hang on your walls (and make your friends a little bit envious!!)

Think about how you want your Wedding Day captured. Imagine how you’ll want to have friends and family over to look at your prints and albums and relive all those moments and memories. How about having great images to one day show your children and grandchildren your special day all those years ago? You owe it to yourself, and to your family and friends, to have your Wedding Day captured by photographers that care about your day and your images as much as you do.

Contact us with your details if you’re planning an Evening/Elopement/MicroWedding and we will create a quote for you . Our Full Day Coverage package starts at $1995. You will receive a complimentary Engagement Session when you book your Wedding Package. We would love to talk to you and see how we can work together on your Wedding Day.

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